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May 2018 | Generations Home Care
Arizona home health aides
A  new report by Mercer HPA offers a glimpse into the future of healthcare employment over the coming decade. And if their predictions are true, the U.S. will see shortages in many key healthcare jobs at the moment when the country will need them most. According to the Mercer study, the demand for healthcare workers […]
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prescription drug risk dementia
A recent study published in the British Medical Journal found a correlation between increased risk of dementia and long-term use of certain commonly prescribed drugs. Researchers from the University of East Anglia compared medical records of more than 300,000 pensioners and found that those who took a certain drug – known as anticholinergics – saw a […]
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A paper recently published in the The Journal of the Alzheimer’s Association advocates for sweeping changes in the way researchers define Alzheimer’s disease. Current guidelines – established in 2011 by another group of National Institute of Health researchers – breaks the disease into three stages. They include: Preclinical: Signs of Alzheimer’s (such as abnormal MRI […]
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