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June 2018 | Generations Home Care
There’s been previous debate among researchers about how gout (also known as hyperuricemia) affects the brain, with some believing it may actually protect patients from disease. But according to new research presented at this year’s Annual European Congress of Rheumatology (EULAR), gout is associated with a higher risk of dementia among elderly patients. The study examined claims […]
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Arizona senior depression
We all experience periods of sadness. But for some, feelings of sorrow and darkness are the nagging companions preventing them from drawing any enjoyment from life. Today doctors define these prolonged seasons of sadness as clinical depression. But this hasn’t always been the case. Historically, individuals experiencing depression were said to have melancholia, a spiritual illness […]
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arizona millennial caregiver
Every day in America, family caregivers provide an extraordinary amount of support to adults with chronic or disabling health conditions. The average American caretaker is currently a 49-year old woman caring for a 69-year old woman. But a new AARP report shows that may soon be changing, because an increasing number of millennials are taking […]
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Arizona caregiver
A recent survey by Securian Financial found that most unpaid family caregivers struggle to maintain their financial and emotional wellbeing. The survey covered 800 people who are providing or have provided unpaid care to a parent, in-law, or spouse who is aging, or has a disability, or chronic disease. It found: “[T]he majority of caregivers […]
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