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July 2018 | Generations Home Care
Phoenix Alzheimer
We’ve covered the related subjects of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia closely here, and for good reason. Worldwide, more than 50 million people suffer from dementia, with another 10 million people developing the disease every year. Alzheimer’s disease, which is the most common type of dementia, accounts for somewhere between 60-70% percent of all cases. By […]
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Dementia Arizona personal finance
People suffering from dementia often experience tremendous difficulty managing their own finances. This can manifest itself in simple forgetfulness, like neglecting to pay a bill on time, overspending on unnecessary or frivolous items, or through poor spending or investment decision. Patients with dementia are also at risk from fraudsters who’d look to capitalize off their […]
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We talk often about the devastating effects dementia has on the people it afflicts. How it destroys intimate relationships, robs sufferers of their autonomy, and annihilates their very sense of self. But one important aspect of this struggle that we may not discuss enough, is how it affects a patient’s financial health. And we’re not […]
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neurogenic bladder
As we age, bladder control issues can become an embarrassing and annoying fact of life. Seniors often deal with urinary incontinence, adult diapers, or the urgent feelings that comes with an overactive bladder. And while there are many different causes for these conditions, they frequently fall under the umbrella term, neurogenic bladder. But before we […]
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