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August 2019 | Generations Home Care
senior confined to a hospital bed at risk for developing bedsores
Caring for seniors is a tough job, especially if they’re immobile. Not only do you need to ensure that their basic needs are met, you also must guard against the health risks that come as a result of immobility. One of the most serious of these risks is bedsores, because once they develop, they’re difficult […]
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young hands holding older hands on top of a blanket.
Earlier this month, news broke that Sheila Lirio Marcelo — founder and CEO of — was resigning her post after 13 years. The announcement came months after a blockbuster Wall Street Journal report detailing how the largest online marketplace for babysitters and adult caregivers failed to conduct background checks on providers using their service. […]
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A new Health Affairs study predicts the cost of lost wages for unpaid caregiving will double from its current rate of $67 billion to $132–$147 billion by 2050. The predicted rise in costs will be fueled by a growing number of Americans who need care, as well as an increased share of better-educated caregivers. Here […]
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senior immunizations
In late 18th century England, a physician named Edward Jenner made a revolutionary discovery. At the time, smallpox killed more than 30% of the people it infected, and, as a result, caused much fear throughout Britain. According to local knowledge, though, milkmaids who’d previously contracted cowpox were immune from the more virulent form of the […]
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