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November 2019 | Generations Home Care
Every November, healthcare professionals take part in American Diabetes Month, to raise awareness for a disease affecting millions of people across the country. According to the American Diabetes Association, in 2015, more than 30 million Americans had some form of the disease. Another 84.1 million Americans had prediabetes — signaling higher-than-normal blood sugar levels, which is an early warning […]
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Dementia patient holding hands with younger women as they discuss her risk.
For years, physicians and researchers have warned against the growing threat of dementia. Currently, some 50 million people around the globe live with the disease, and the numbers show no sign of slowing. By 2050, the World Health Organization estimates that the total number of dementia cases could grow as high as 150 million. Ordinary Americans are hearing these reports […]
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alzheimer's disease awareness month
In 1983, President Ronald Regan declared November as National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. At the time of Regan’s announcement, fewer than 3 million Americans had the disease. Today, 36 years later, the number of Americans who have Alzheimer’s has more than doubled to 5.8 million. If this trend continues, experts predict the number of Americans […]
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bladder care
November is National Bladder Health Month, which provides an excellent opportunity to talk about bladder problems — a group of issues affecting seniors nationwide. Our bladders are important because they allow us to hold and release urine, which is a byproduct of the food we consume. When our bladders aren’t healthy, however, it can cause other problems […]
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Arizona Family Caregiver providing a meal for an older women in a wheelchair
Family caregivers fill a critical gap in the United State’s fractured healthcare landscape. Because Medicare doesn’t cover in-home care or assisted living services, family members often care for aging parents, ill spouses, and disabled loved ones themselves. According to research conducted by the AARP, there are 40 million Americans providing care for loved ones around the […]
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