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March 2021 | Generations Home Care
Bad weather is one reason seniors might decide to stop driving
Driving is a wonderful source of freedom. From the ability to quickly run errands, visit family, or feel the wind blowing in our hair, there’s good reason 93 percent of households report owning at least one vehicle. But though we place a great cultural emphasis on sitting in the driver’s seat, every person’s driving career […]
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A women receives an injection in her left arm from a female healthcare provider with patient safety in mind.
No one wants to end up in the hospital — but of course, life doesn’t always go as planned. Each year, hospitals treat about 36 million admissions in the USA alone. When we’re sick or injured, we rely on our medical providers’ expertise to help us get well. But doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals […]
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A cool dark bedroom for healthy sleep habits
Whether you’re an early riser or a chronic nighthawk, we all have to sleep sometime — for a third of our lives, in fact. Though science is still unraveling the complexities of why our bodies need sleep, there’s no questioning its importance. Healthy sleep habits are crucial for maintaining good mental health. Chronic sleep loss […]
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A model of a brain
Despite being a humble three-pound lump of wrinkly tissue, the brain is arguably the body’s most remarkable organ. The brain is a bundle of 100 billion neurons composed of trillions of synapses; it’s the seat of consciousness, emotion, memory, and thought. In the words of scientist Michio Kaku, “Sitting on your shoulders is the most […]
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