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April 2021 | Generations Home Care
Two seniors sitting on a bench in front of the ocean during the COVID-19 pandemic
After a year-long global pandemic, life looks very different. The coronavirus has prevented many of us from seeing our loved ones and spending time with our friends. It has restricted our favorite activities, hit our local businesses hard, deprived us of our leisure, and cast a pall of anxiety and uncertainty over nearly every aspect […]
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A vial of one of the approved COVID-19 vaccines.
Currently there are multiple Covid-19 vaccines hitting the market and several ways to obtain them. It’s an exciting time for seniors ready to finally get vaccinated, but it can be pretty confusing, too. Many factors determine who is eligible for the vaccine, what type of vaccine you’ll get, and what guidelines to follow after getting […]
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A person outlining their healthcare decisions in an advance directive
Anticipating life’s twists and turns can be virtually impossible. We plan as best we can. We buy insurance, we save money for the future, and we do our best to stay healthy. But one thing many people fail to do is work on advance care planning. The possibility of ending up sick or injured so […]
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two older women laughing and in good humor
They say laughter is the best medicine, and the idiom is surprisingly accurate. For all the miracles of modern medicine, a positive outlook is one of the most effective supplementary treatments. In fact, negative emotions such as stress or despair can significantly reduce your healthcare outlooks. Comparatively, an optimistic frame of mind can help you […]
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