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August 2021 | Generations Home Care
An informal caregiver helps an older women watch a video on an iPhone
Recent studies show a rise in informal caregivers taking caring roles for friends and family members. There are many reasons one comes to care for a loved one, but often the challenges, and the toll for playing such a part, are not clear for some time. As a result, more and more caregivers develop health […]
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an older women being targeted by a medicare scam by phone
From the snake oil salesmen of the wild west to George C. Parker’s infamous “sale” of the Brooklyn Bridge, scams have been around for centuries. Many people are familiar with the over-the-top legends of notorious con men, but modern technology has created modern fraud. With the advent of cell phones and the internet, scammers can […]
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a woman talking to her senior mother about hiring a caregiver
As your parents have gotten older, no doubt they’ve tried to stay as independent as possible. Most seniors want to remain self-sufficient, preferring to age in place and take care of themselves for as long as possible. But with age and isolation, it can be difficult for your parents to live without help. Even little […]
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A senior receiving one of the critical vaccines for older adult
While the battle against COVID-19 continues, vaccines have been on many people’s minds. Here in Arizona, over 50 percent of residents have received their first COVID shot, and 44 percent are fully vaccinated. Still, even with those rising numbers, the work to protect our communities from infectious disease continues.  Seniors are more likely than other […]
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a pair of ray ban sunglasses on the beach in the summer sun
When summer rolls around, it is only natural to start spending more time outdoors. After months of cooler temperatures and indoor activities, we welcome a chance to soak up a little more sunshine. A healthy dose of summer sun and fresh air can alleviate depression, improve sleep patterns in Alzheimer’s patients, and increase the body’s […]
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