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March 2022 | Generations Home Care
a doctor examines a sample to diagnose colorectal cancer
March ushers in the arrival of spring and often an urge to “spring clean,” by organizing, cleaning, and putting things in order in preparation for the lighthearted feel of sun, flowers, family, and fun coming our way. There’s a sense of renewal and refreshment that’s hard to resist. The arrival of spring is the perfect […]
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Eating disorders affect people of all ages
When many people hear the term “eating disorder,” they think of young women struggling to meet unrealistic beauty standards. But however prevalent that image has become, the truth is that these conditions are far more widespread. People of all genders and ages can have an eating disorder–even seniors. And when it comes to eating disorders, […]
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An emergency kit filled with medical supplies
Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. If you care for an older person, you understand the importance of preparing them for any situation. An emergency home kit is a valuable resource for anyone living through a disaster, whether a  hurricane or a power outage during a snowstorm. No amount of planning can ever truly […]
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A bathtub for bathing in a clean, well-lit bathroom
The loss of independence is one of the hardest things aging people have to deal with as their bodies change. As caregivers, we see the slow decline and the need for assistance, but often we neglect what it must feel like to require help with so many simple tasks. The need for bathing support, a […]
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space heaters are a common source of CO
We’re lucky enough to have mild winters here in sunny Arizona. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t need some extra warmth during the year’s cooler weather. As we run our heaters more often, the danger of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning increases exponentially. This colorless, odorless gas is difficult to detect but can severely impact your […]
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