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two older women laughing and in good humor
They say laughter is the best medicine, and the idiom is surprisingly accurate. For all the miracles of modern medicine, a positive outlook is one of the most effective supplementary treatments. In fact, negative emotions such as stress or despair can significantly reduce your healthcare outlooks. Comparatively, an optimistic frame of mind can help you […]
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A model of a brain
Despite being a humble three-pound lump of wrinkly tissue, the brain is arguably the body’s most remarkable organ. The brain is a bundle of 100 billion neurons composed of trillions of synapses; it’s the seat of consciousness, emotion, memory, and thought. In the words of scientist Michio Kaku, “Sitting on your shoulders is the most […]
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older parents using technology
Though the holidays are a time for people to come together, COVID-19 has kept many families apart. The necessity of social distancing and avoiding large gatherings is even more crucial for seniors, who are at a higher risk of severe or even fatal complications from the disease. But COVID-19 is far from the only hazard […]
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A senior driver traveling with her dog
Driving is at the heart of the classic American lifestyle. Unlike many compact European cities with high walkability and public transportation, most Americans will grab their car keys whenever they leave the house. In fact, Americans hop in the car for 85 percent of their daily trips. Cars are more than just a symbol of […]
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Older man who experienced trauma
Life puts us through many ordeals. Over the course of our lives, we must cope with loss, fear, and pain. But some experiences are so distressing that they carve deep into our psyches. When they impact our ability to live healthy lives, they are known as trauma.  Trauma is loosely defined as the response to […]
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