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Celebrate Family Elders For Grandparents’ Day | Generations Home Care
two grandparents share a meal with their grandchild at the kitchen counter.

On the first Sunday after Labor Day, we come together to remember everything we appreciate about our grandparents. First celebrated in 1979, Grandparents’ Day has given people an occasion to make our family elders feel special and loved. After all, so many grandparents lavish their grandchildren with affection–it only makes sense that there’s a special day of the year where they get a lot of that love right back!

The Benefits of Being a Grandparent

Most people agree that being a grandparent is pretty great. But did you know there are some tangible, scientific benefits to playing with your grandkids? Many of the best parts of being a grandparent are because grandparents are often less isolated than other seniors. Grandparents can often get lots of time to spend with their grandkids on playdates or while helping take over childcare duties from working parents. On top of being more connected to family, grandparents also enjoy many benefits simply from interacting with their grandkids.

Grandparents Live Longer 

A study from Edith Cowan University showed that grandparents who occasionally looked after their grandkids were 37 percent less likely to die in the next ten years than those who did not. 50 percent of those who didn’t babysit died within the next five years. Many factors might contribute to this. Grandparents who get more time with their grandkids are less likely to be stressed. They also have higher levels of the love hormone oxytocin, and a renewed sense of purpose and self-esteem. Because physical contact can improve a person’s immune system, grandparents are also less likely to get sick. With so many benefits to hanging out with grandkids, it’s no surprise grandparents tend to live longer! 

Grandparents Are Mentally Healthier 

The Women’s Health Aging Project found that women who take care of their grandkids later in life were less likely to develop Alzheimer’s and had better overall cognitive abilities than those who did not care for grandkids. Playing with younger kids encourages grandparents to stay mentally sharp, socially engaged, and may introduce them to new ideas. All in all, these factors help grandparents keep a keener mental edge and stay more physically active while playing with younger children. 

How to Make Your Grandparent Feel Special This Year

There are many ways to celebrate your older relatives this Grandparents’ Day. From gifts to outings to a big family celebration, it all depends on what your grandparent might like. You could take them to a favorite restaurant or cook a favorite meal with them. The most important thing is spending time with grandparents and ensuring they know how much they mean to you. 

As the factors above have shown, being socially connected provides so many benefits for seniors. Unfortunately, many older adults can end up isolated on a daily basis. While a fun day for Grandparents’ Day can temporarily alleviate that sense of loneliness, it’s also vital to ensure that your family’s elders have someone there with them on a day-to-day basis. An in-home caregiver can help older adults stay engaged, active, and happy–even if they don’t have grandkids or the ability to see them routinely. An in-home caregiver can be a companion to older adults, providing a person to talk to and daily life help like cooking, cleaning, and help getting around. No matter your grandparents’ needs, an in-home caregiver can ensure they’re met. This gives them more time and energy for the important stuff–like spending time with the grandkids! 

About Generations Home Care

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Our caregivers are trained in the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommended COVID-19 safety precautions. We offer levels of care ranging from companionship, to respite for the primary family caregiver, to homemaking services, to assistance with activities of daily living, to Alzheimer’s and dementia care. Generations Home Care takes a holistic approach and emphasizes a consistent, client-centered plan of care.

Our Specialty Services Include:

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  • Live-in services and couples care.

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