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Comparing Generations Home Care to the Competitors | Generations Home Care
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Folks who search for qualified in-home care often do so in a hurry. Maybe out-of-town children have just realized that mom or dad can no longer care for themselves and need immediate help. Or a senior has suffered a fall or other injury and added support just can’t wait. In that rush there’s not much time for comparison shopping. And while some may view in-home care as a commodity, there are important differences between Generations Home Care and its local competitors that need to be highlighted.

Employee Caregivers

While on the surface this may not seem like an important differentiator, but when you begin to dig in, it has large implications. Many in-home care companies work with independently contracted caregivers, which means they sacrifice much of their control over how care is administered. Because our caregivers are all employees, we can set high standards for their work and hold them accountable for their results. What’s more, our employees are all insured while independent contractors often are not. This provides important peace-of-mind when you’re allowing someone access to your home.

Tailored Service Packages

Many of our home care competitors offer bundled packages which may include services you don’t actually need. In contrast, Generations Home Care provides care solutions customized to your specific needs. In addition, we only require a 2 hour minimum per day. That’s half that rate most other providers require. That means when you choose Generations Home Care, you won’t be paying for unnecessary services or unneeded hours.

Family Learning Center

In addition to improving our clients quality of life, we also want to provide valuable educational material to family members and caregivers who may be facing these challenging situations for the first time. To accomplish all this we specifically designed our online Family Learning Center as a tool that can educate and ease the burden for family caregivers. It contains over 40 hours of interactive training and covers just about every situation a caregiver might face. All this is offered as a no-cost, added value for our clients and the general public.

Lowest Cost in the Valley

Perhaps most importantly, all this comes at a much lower price than the competition. Many times much lower. In fact, Generations Home Care has the lowest prices in the valley. And that’s not cut-rate service. Instead, you’ll receive a high level of care from top-quality, highly-trained employees.

A Clear Choice

When you break it all down, Generations Home Care is the clear choice for your in-home care needs. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help, take a moment to schedule your free in-home assessment by calling 602-595-HOME (4663) or by filling out our contact form. During your free assessment, our experts will develop a plan of care that specifically meets your needs and provide you with a cost estimate. At that point we’re confident you’ll see that choosing Generations Home Care is the smart choice.

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