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We have released an online training tool for family caregivers.  This FREE resource is specifically designed for family members who provide any type of direct care or support.  The courses can be accessed here and do not require attending classes.

The training program has over 40 hours of training using highly engaging training courses, covering topics like Alzheimer’s and memory care, medications, ethics, personal care and mobility as well as basic companion care.  It also utilizes best practices in e-learning, making this training available to the family members online, at a time and place most convenient for their learning.

Example courses include:

    • Creating a calming, restful environment
    • Activities for Special People
    • Preventing weight loss
    • Improving diet & nutrition
    • Challenging behaviors: Prevention
    • Challenging behaviors: Priorities & protocol
    • Challenging behaviors: Violence & Aggression
    • Emergency First Aid:  Stroke and Wounds
    • Providing Skin Care
    • Measuring Vital Signs*
    • Observation, Reporting and Recording
    • End of Life Care

According to the Family Caregiver Alliance more than 50 million families and friends provide care to an elderly or disabled adult.  Caring and compassion are the most important traits of a caregiver.  But just compassion isn’t enough.  Knowledge and training can prevent skin breakdown and maintain walking skills, for example.

We know people have busy lives.  Learning, especially for busy adults, happens best when they control the time, place and intensity of their training.  The Family Learning Center gives families much more control over their own learning and skill development, helping build a standard of care their loved ones deserve.

About the author - Bill McKusick

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