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There may come a time when an individual needs help with daily living but his family is unable to directly assist for him. Or, his family may wan to help but does not have the skill to do so. Fortunately, an individual can get assistance by contacting a Sun City senior home care service.

An individual may have one or more specific reasons for hiring someone to assist him. This may include reasons that do not involve personal needs. Even so, all needs should be communicated with service staff to ensure adequate service is received.

A service may offer assistance with household chores. This includes cleaning up the kitchen, vacuuming, emptying trash, sweeping floors, making beds and doing laundry. Deep cleaning or yard work is typically not offered. Sometimes, a housekeeping aide prepares meals and runs errands for the client.

Someone that needs help with his personal needs often has a certified nursing assistant visit him one or more times a week. In some circumstances an aide may live with the client. An aide typically assists someone with dressing, bathing, grooming, eating and toiletry. A nursing assistant may also do housekeeping, run errands and accompany the client on walks, to social events and to medical appointments.

For someone to gain employment at an agency she may need training, experience or both. A housekeeper may only need experience but a nursing assistant at a minimum needs training. A nursing assistant typically must attend a school program that consists or classroom and clinical training at a health care facility.

A Sun City senior home care service staffer will verify the training of a prospective employee. He will also check references and have a criminal background check of the prospective employee done. Additional training may be provided by the service before an aide is sent to a residence.

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