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Remain Diligent During The COVID-19 Holidays | Generations Home Care
Celebrating the holidays during COVID-19

This year, the holiday season is going to be one of the strangest in our lives. Typically, this is a time for people to come together and share food, love, and companionship in the depths of winter’s darkness. But this year, things will be different because we celebrate under the specter of an ongoing pandemic. One which has already claimed the lives of 300 thousand Americans. The CDC continues to advise against large indoor gatherings. With that in mind, we need to think about celebrating the holidays while keeping our loved ones safe. 

Seniors are likely to be hit especially hard this holiday season. Physically, seniors are in a high-risk group when it comes to the effects of COVID-19. Emotionally, seniors often grapple with issues that the combination of the holidays and COVID-19 may aggravate. With regular holiday routines thrown out of whack and isolation at an all-time high, navigating the holidays will be more challenging than ever. 

The Holidays are a Mixed Bag for Seniors

Even under normal circumstances, the holidays can be emotionally difficult for older adults, who already suffer from isolation and higher levels of depression. At the end of every year, aggressive marketing pushes the message of seasonal cheer. Though the holidays are associated with happiness and togetherness, these high expectations can make us painfully aware of how we don’t measure up. For older people, the holidays are also a time of reminiscence and nostalgia. While thinking back on the past can be a pleasant experience, it can also lead to dwelling on regret and loss. For seniors no longer able to stay in their homes, these feelings of displacement and sadness compound the distress. 

After such a difficult year, it’s only natural to want to close out 2020 on a good note, surrounded by people we love. But instead of reverting to old and currently unsafe traditions, we need to adapt to our new circumstances to find new ways of marking the holidays. Maintaining proper CDC guidelines has never been more critical. The colder months have already seen an upswing in the disease’s spread. This trend is likely to continue until warmer temperatures allow for outdoor recreation again. 

Seniors are at greater risk for more severe COVID-19 effects. That’s why it’s paramount that they not compromise on safety. However, there are many ways seniors can still get in the holiday spirit. The key is to think ahead about managing their mental health without compromising physical health. 

Seniors Must Plan on How to Navigate the Holidays

It’s not clear yet how deeply COVID-19 will affect the holiday season. Besides a spike in online shopping, the cold weather and desire for company make climbing COVID-19 cases seem tragically likely. Seniors may choose between spending the holiday in isolation to protect themselves from disease or risking their health and lives to participate in holiday traditions with family. 

By finding alternatives to in-person gatherings, seniors can make the most of the holiday season while staying safe. Zoom gatherings can make it easier to connect with friends and family who may have moved away. The important thing is to focus on the positives. Be adaptable in finding new solutions and uncompromising when it comes to your health and safety. 

Of course, there’s only so far that electronic communication can go to assuage the dangers of isolation. An in-home caregiver can be an excellent source of in-person connections for isolated seniors. At Generations Home Care, we ensure our caregivers are screened for the symptoms of COVID-19 before every shift. These extra precautions ensure our clients remain safe. Unlike connecting over video chats, caregivers can help around the house with cooking and daily tasks, while monitoring seniors for signs of depression or other medical issues. An in-home caregiver can be a companion in getting through the emotional difficulties of the holidays and navigating the circumstances of the pandemic. Seniors deserve to feel safe and secure as 2020 draws to a close — in-home caregivers can help. 

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