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Senior mentors

No one makes it through life without a little help along the way. Many of us can remember a time long ago when a cherished adult gave us advice and direction, which changed our lives for the better. Though we all want the children in our lives to grow up without a trouble in the world, the fact is many kids must shoulder onerous burdens. From school problems to a rocky family life, many things can make it harder for young people. That’s why senior mentors can make a massive difference in a child’s life. Especially if they don’t have a mentor at home. 

However, many children grow up sadly bereft of positive adult role-models. One in three children grows up without a mentor. These children miss out on all the tools for success a mentor can offer. In honor of National Mentorship Month this January, it’s an excellent time for seniors to start thinking about how they can make a difference to a youth in need. 

As they reach their golden years, many seniors grow interested in giving back to their communities. Volunteering as a mentor can be a perfect way to help guide the next generation toward success. With their age and experience, seniors make excellent mentors for children who would benefit from their wisdom. Finding the time to volunteer can be a challenge. However, the rewards both mentees and their mentors receive are unquestionably worth the effort. 

Mentors Change Lives

The positive effects of mentorship are dramatic. A national report called “The Mentoring Effect” showed that mentored kids were 55 percent more likely to be enrolled in college, as well as over 80 percent more likely to participate in extracurricular activities regularly. They were also twice as likely to hold a leadership position in a club or sports team. Perhaps best of all, mentees were more likely to continue the cycle of giving. According to the report, they were 78 percent more likely to volunteer in their communities. 

The benefits of mentorship are tremendous and long-lasting. Seniors with wide-reaching life experience can impart their knowledge to young people in need of direction. Mentors also experience many positive effects from their volunteering, from improving interpersonal skills, reinforcing skills and knowledge, and gaining a sense of genuine fulfillment from making a positive impact in a young person’s life. 

How to Make Time For Mentorship

Of course, not all seniors have endless stretches of free time to fill. Many seniors struggle to keep up with daily living tasks and have less time to enrich their lives as a result. Medical concerns, mobility issues, and depression are common barriers for seniors who want to invest in their communities. COVID-19 has added additional problems for seniors wishing to safeguard their health, as mentoring in-person is no longer an option.

Luckily, there are ways seniors can still contribute. Many programs now offer online mentoring, or “e-mentoring,” to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 without denying children the chance to have a mentor. Seniors can make a difference in a child’s life from the comfort of their own home, maintaining social distancing and eliminating the need for transportation. Online mentoring can involve exchanging messages via email, chatting by phone, or video chatting. It may also involve some more unique ways of connecting with kids, such as playing computer games together.

If staying on top of your schedule is getting in the way of your ability to invest your time the way you want, an in-home caregiver may be able to help. Caregivers take care of the daily necessities such as chores and meals, opening up more time in your day for the things that matter most. If seniors don’t struggle to meet their basic needs, then they can do more to thrive—and to make sure the next generation thrives, too. 

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