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Staying Active in Cooler Weather | Generations Home Care
An older man with a grey beard wearing a blue and grey tracksuit kneels to tie his sneakers on a tennis court while staying active during cooler weather

The scalding summer temperatures are finally breaking and it’s time for Arizonans to get outside and enjoy the beauty of our desert state. In the summer heat, older adults can find it especially hard to get outside and active. Particularly as seniors are at a higher risk for many serious heat-aggravated conditions. While there are plenty of options for indoor activities during the hottest parts of the summer, the cooler months are an excellent time to get outside and reap all the benefits of the great outdoors. Here are some of the best ways for seniors to stay active in the cooler weather this year. Plus, a few safety tips to keep in mind.

Go For A Walk

Taking regular walks outside is one of the simplest ways of staying active in cooler weather. Walking is a fantastic way to get your daily allotment of moderate exercise, with plenty of added emotional benefits. Walking reduces stress and anxiety, can improve your clarity of thought, and even improve your self-esteem. In addition, going for a walk outside in a natural area further boosts those mental benefits. You can even find a community walking group to get a bit of extra social time along with your exercise. The best part about walking is you can do it right outside your own home! Aim to walk for at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week, to get the most health benefits from your outdoor exercise. 

Take an Outdoor Class

Taking a class for an outdoor activity is an excellent way of staying active in cooler weather while learning something new. You could take a course in outdoor yoga to help with stiff joints or sign up for a bird-watching tour. Many cities have walking tours of local landmarks, which can provide decent exercise as well as some mental stimulation. 

Work on Your Garden

The fall and winter seasons here are a great time to work on some improvements to your garden or yard. Growing greens and winter vegetables is an excellent option in the cooler months. And so is making improvements to your garden’s soil to fertilize the ground and prepare for next year. Gardening has all sorts of health benefits, from reducing stress to helping soothe arthritis. 

Stay Safe Outdoors

While it’s far safer for seniors to be outdoors in the cooler months, there are still some safety concerns to keep in mind. While heat stroke is less of a danger in Arizona’s fall and winter months, it’s still entirely possible to get a bad sunburn even when the temperature isn’t high. Seniors tend to be at higher risk for skin cancer, and because older skin is more delicate, it may also burn more easily. As a result, be sure you’re following a few safety tips while participating in outdoor recreation: wear sunscreen, drink water regularly, and always be sure that someone knows where you are and when you’re supposed to be back. Having a friend, loved one, or caretaker accompany you on your outdoor excursions is even better. 

In-Home Caregivers Help With Outdoor Recreation

An in-home caregiver can help out in a vast number of ways as you stay active this winter. Your caregiver can provide all the transportation you need to attend classes or explore the walking paths in your area. They can also provide peace of mind, so you know that if you take a fall or need medical assistance, you’ll have someone at your side to ensure help is on the way. They’re an excellent partner in helping you get the most out of our area’s cooler months, so you can enjoy the outdoors and all the benefits they bring. 

About Generations Home Care

Generations Home Care personalized in-home care and support services help those recovering from illness, injury, or surgery, living with a chronic disease, or dealing with the natural process of aging. We help people live a fuller, healthier, and independent life.

Our caregivers are trained in the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommended COVID-19 safety precautions. We offer levels of care ranging from companionship, to respite for the primary family caregiver, to homemaking services, to assistance with activities of daily living, to Alzheimer’s and dementia care. Generations Home Care takes a holistic approach and emphasizes a consistent, client-centered plan of care.

Our Specialty Services Include:

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  • Live-in services and couples care.

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