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Steps to hiring a live in Caregiver | Generations Home Care

Here are the steps you should take in hiring a live in Caregiver:

  1. Place an ad in Craigslist or another site like looking for a live-in caregiver. List as many details as possible: who and where the the care is needed, budget and/or salary, type of room available, and other important factors like Alzheimer’s, Dementia or Parkinsons, dietary needs or necessary homemaking skills.
  2. You may also want to get into contact with a home care agency who specialize in pre-screening applicants for hire. Typically, these caregivers are already interviewed and accepted by the agency for the clients they accommodate and work to match you with the caregiver that has the right skill set for your job.
  3. Ask the candidates to bring the following following documents: resume or application, proof of eligibility to legally accept work in the United States(e-verify) and a driver’s license or other form of identification, recent TB Test, up to date CPR and First Aid Certification and any licensing or training (Certified Nursing Assistant, Certified Caregiver, etc.). You want to conduct the interview as impersonal as possible so sit at a table or meet at a coffee shop or somewhere else secure and professional. Keep in mind that you can always use the follow-up interviews for establishing deeper relationships.
  4. Have a set of standard questions of all caregiver candidates. During the interview you can always ask very simple questions like: What made you get into caregiving? What do you like the most about caregiving. Least? Make sure the live-in caregiver has experience for the type of care he or she will be giving.
  5. You will want to receive both personal and business references. Many applicants will try and give you personal references and claim them as business references. Ask probing questions of the references and you will be able to determine the legitimacy of the reference. If they are willing to lie on references then I would walk away.
  6. Once you have some qualified candidates conduct a multi-state background check and if they will be driving include a DMV check.
  7. Making the decision. Offer the job to the candidate you’d like to hire. You will want to present a formal, written job offer to avoid any confusion about what your expectations. This should include: salary, benefits living arrangements, any house rules and what will and will not be covered, such as phone calls, Internet access or food, as part of the live-in arrangement.
  8. Finally, you will need to do some legal work depending on the State you live. Set up payroll and benefits. If you are paying your caregiver directly, you are the legal employer. You’ll need to contact the Internal Revenue Service to obtain an employer identification number and contact the state department that oversees new hires to find out what other requirements your state has for employers. This will enable you to pay your share of federal and state taxes.

With home care agencies, it works a little differently. We do all of the hiring and firing and we also take care of all of the necessary payroll taxes, insurance and bonding. Finally, we usually place two caregivers on 4 and 3 day shifts to provide the 24/7 care. This enables our caregivers time with their families and prevents burnout. Give us a call if you are interested in getting some live in caregivers at (602) 595-4663.

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