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What is Telephony? | Generations Home Care

What is Telephony?

Telephony is a timekeeping system used to verify when a caregiver arrives and departs from the care partner’s home. Caller ID ensures the caregiver is at the care partner’s location by the start of their scheduled shift.  The Generations Home Care System interface alerts us about late visits and no shows, and also document tardies in our caregiver notes.  The times captured are used to update schedules and prepare shift information for accurate billing and payroll.

How does it work?

Our caregiver calls a toll free number when they arrive and depart their shift.  These calls are monitored from our office in real-time, and alerts us when a caregiver misses their scheduled arrival time.

Why should you care about your agency using a telephony?

  • Alerts when a caregiver is late or no-shows.
  • Eliminates the tedious problem of receiving and verifying physical timecards which decreases our overhead costs and allows us to reduce what we charge our care partner’s
  • Updates schedules in Generations every five minutes.
  • Reduce over-estimated mileage.
  • Increase caregiver accountability.
  • Eliminate human error.

The Generations telephony interface puts power in your hands because it is real-time and seamlessly integrated and makes for accurate and honest timekeeping.

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